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CBD Effects by Flower

Make the ordinary extraordinary with Berkshire CBD’s Effects Collection. Hand-picked for their singular cannabinoid and terpene profiles, each effect enhances your experience for living your best life. What CBD effect best describes the way you want to feel?

The quality and consistency are sure to be appreciated by both the connoisseur and those who are new to CBD flower. Choose from four distinct CBD effects; Calm, Rest, Relief and Joy.

Customers often ask how our Berkshire CBD Effects work. Beyond the joy of premium hemp flower, how are we able to predict the moods that each product will enhance?

The short answer is that every individual may have varying responses with the effects of CBD. It is always vital to check with your doctor as each person possesses different needs and possible conditions.*

The longer answer entails the broader effects of our strains and the properties within hemp. CBD hemp flower interacts with the neural receptors in the brain in areas that control mood and pain. Many refer to these receptors as the endocannabinoid system.

For the purpose of CBD therapy, the cannabinoids and terpenes in our Effect line relate directly with this endocannabinoid system. This action produces the “Effects” we are referring to when we label our products: Rest, Lift and Joy and Calm.

Further enhancing our CBD hemp effects are terpenes. Believe it or not, you already have a deep relationship with terpenes in your life. When you peel an orange and that fresh zest of citrus fills the room, you are experiencing a terpene. Similarly, when you bask in the decadence of fresh lilacs wet from the rain, or the sweet heady aroma of a spring rose.

Terpenes help you exhale with relaxation when you take a bath in lavender oil or brighten when you briskly walk in a pine forest. Terpenes are powerful chemicals of smell and flavor.

As we shared, each body holds neural pathways that align with cannabinoids and terpenes. Humans also release hormones that amplify these botanical elements.

Think for a moment about biting into the luscious yellow fruit a mango, or waking up to your favorite breakfast on the table. Did your mouth start to water by the thought? The power of terpenes combined with the artistry of our CBD hemp flower will only magnify your experience.

Each terpene holds specific notes. At Berkshire CBD, we take these notes and make music. For our customers, we’ve orchestrated sensuous strains to bring you where you want to go. Whether you look for energy or calm, we have the hemp flower therapy that is right for you.

We cultivate specific strains that harmonize with these terpenes. Indeed, terpenes are known to enhance or mellow the presence of cannabinoids.
Take an example where two similar hemp flower strains produce opposite effects. The polarity is very much due to the presence of terpenes. We analyze our lab tests and our CBD flower potency before every lineup.
Our Berkshire team’s experience with CBD therapy takes all of the guesswork out of the equation for you.

We offer the ultimate in CBD therapy in the United States. We’ve tailored each product to perfection.

You are sure to cherish each of our CBD hemp flower Effects products. Read a bit more on each individual page for “Rest,” “Lift” and “Joy” and “Calm.” Whether you choose one or all four, you can rest assured that you are a part of the terpene symphony that we wrote just for you.

*We do encourage all of our customers to seek medical advice before beginning with our CBD products. Medical conditions should always be discussed with your doctor. The health benefits of the hemp plant, hemp products, and pure CBD have not been thoroughly proven through clinical trial research in their ability to assist with anxiety disorders. Our active ingredients have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor the World Health Organization.


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