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CBD News Roundup – August 18th, 2019

Here is the CBD news roundup for August 18th.

14% of Americans report they use CBD products

In a recent Gallup poll, nearly one in seven Americans say that they use CBD products. Around 14% of Americans report they use CBD, 50% say don’t, and only 35% are not familiar with CBD at all. Americans under 30 are the most likely to use CBD, with 20% reporting they do, and regionally the Western U.S is most likely to use CBD at 21%.


High-fat foods can increase CBD absorption

A recent study by the University of Minnesota recently conducted a study on the effect of food on CBD absorption. The study measured CBD concentrations in epilepsy patients who were taking CBD isolate capsules. The research group compared the concentrations of CBD in patients who took CBD on an empty stomach and those who ate a standardized fatty breakfast. The study found that CBD concentrations vastly increased when CBD is taken after eating high-fat foods. When compared to take on an empty stomach, the concentrations in the body were four times higher.


Navy, Marines, and Coastguard strengthen rules on cannabis, ban CBD

The Navy, Marines, and Coastguard sea services have outlawed cannabis under Article 112a for generations. So when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed and products containing industrial hemp CBD were federally legally, there was confusion as to CBD’s acceptance under Article 112a. On Aug. 7th, Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer released ALNAV 057/19 which continued to ban all products derived from any form of cannabis. This was done to avoid potential discharges of sailors because of mislabelled potencies on CBD products that could cause a positive drug test. 


FDA issues warning to CBD company making unsubstantiated health claims

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to CBD company Curaleaf for selling products with unsubstantiated health claims. The company had reportedly been claiming their products can claim cancer and Parkinson’s, among other conditions. The warning gives Curaleaf 15 days to respond with details of how they’ve corrected their violations with the FDA. 


Ben And Jerry’s announces plans for CBD-infused ice cream

Earlier this year, Ben And Jerry’s announced that they are planning on launching a CBD infused ice cream line. They note, however, that currently, the FDA prohibits the sale of food and beverages with CBD. During a public hearing on May 31st, Ben and Jerrys submitted a comment to the FDA in support of legalization, and plan to launch the line when CBD is legalized on the federal level.


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